"I just finished reading Growing Myself and I feel so good and so inspired by your book that I just had to write to you. Congratulations on creating a book which articulates what so many of us feel. Your book rests on my night table and is a source of sustenance on a daily basis" -- R. G., NY, NYJudith signing books

"Thank you very much for your wonderful book, "Growing Myself." You've really inspired me in many ways...because of your wonderful writing. Most of all, it's a pleasure to know I am not crazy for loving trees and that someone else might understand that my dear friend, a redwood tree, that stands across from my balcony, saw me through a painful and soul-wrenching experience, and that I talked and prayed with that tree for many months and was nurtured by its presence." -- A. C., Sacramento, CA

"Hello kindred soul. Thank you for saying yes to the universe when it asked you to share your spiritual teachings with the world. It has set my soul free to commune with my plants like never before without a single thought of me being a little looney. I live in the "burbs" of Atlanta. The way I keep my sanity is gardening. We lease the place where we live. people cannot understand why we put so much effort and expense into our yard. I didn't quite understand it myself. Now I do. I do it for the pure joy of knowing-- wherever you are--you can always bring joy and beauty into the world through gardening. And healing, too." -- P. Z., Lawrenceville, GA

"I just finished reading Growing Myself! I was on a camping trip with my family. The whole forest took on an extra special glow as I read! You brightened my life and strengthened my soul with your words. When I finished, I felt this incredible sense of freedom-hard to describe. I thank you for writing your book. It was a joy to read and a treasure to share with my sons." -- T. U., Accokeek, MD

" Although I am not a gardener, I appreciated the weaving of technical information through the compelling narrative. I couldn't put it down. The need to tell stories to affirm our life in spirit is the theme that drew me in--I felt locked on a homing beacon. For me, the book was a direct hit!" -- S. N., Juneau, AK

"I found your book absolutely delightful--very validating of other realities. It is a gentle and non-threatening approach to a topic that still has alot of old fear around it for some of us. I think this will be a good "bridge" experience for a lot of people." -- A. C., Portland, OR

"Thanks so much for giving the world such a wonderful message in your book." -- C. B., NYC

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