Saturday Workshop


A One Day Retreat with Judith and Greg Smith

Saturday, date to be announced, 8:45 am - 4:45 p.m.   

As a microscope is to biology, so mindfulness is to our subjective experience of ourself and the world. This one-day session with Greg & Judith Smith will introduce you to innovative techniques for increasing the "resolution" of your mindfulness so that you can see more clearly the "self-centered dream" that is our ordinary reality. The fruits of greater clarity of observation are Insight (into the nature of existence) and Purification (of attachment, aversion & confusion). 

To awaken from our dream-like misperception of who we are, we must first become more aware of what makes up the self-concept and the sense of self. We need to look deeply and see the components and sub-components of the illusion of a separate self at odds with things "other".  Judith and Greg will present techniques that illuminate what we see and feel in our subjective reality when we sit down to meditate. These meditative tools can be used to enhance our investigative process while meditating, and to strengthen our mindfulness in daily life.

The Retreat will consist off:
• Guided meditations to clarify and sharpen our awareness of the body sensations and thoughts that make up our subjective world.

• Learning  how to navigate our internal experience to read the book of our own mind. 

• Practice bringing our attention to body sensations, images, and verbal thoughts with higher resolution so that we can use our meditation as a microscope to see and understand how stress & suffering arise. 

• Meditation on the "ground of being" from which our experience arises, so we can experience moments of freedom from the problematic ego.  

• Simple techniques we can use at home in our practice that will give us the experience of the subtle pleasure of meditation. 

• How to work with our body/mind process in order to gain Insight (into the nature of existence) and Purification (of attachment, aversion & confusion).

Who should attend?  No experience required. Newcomers to meditation, as well as those with experience, will benefit. If you already have a Vipassana practice, or a practice in Zen, these tools will shed light on and bring new perspective to the inner experience of meditation. If you have practiced in other traditions than Buddhism, these guided meditations may corroborate what you have already noticed in your own groping process. 


Teachers: Judith and Greg Smith are senior students of Shinzen Young, a highly respected American meditation teacher and scholar, with an extensive background in the major Buddhist  traditions.
Greg Smith has been trained in the Thai "forest tradition" of Theravadan Buddhism and by many Buddhist teachers, but teaches from his personal experience, not "from the book."  Greg has been meditating for sixteen years, practicing the last ten years with Shinzen Young. His practice of "Mindfulness in Daily Living" grew out of his relationship with Thich Nhat Hanh as a member of The Order of Interbeing. 

Judith Smith has been meditating for thirty years in various traditions. She has studied  intensively with Shinzen Young for the last twelve years. She has led Saturday Sits for his Vipassana Support Institute and she and Greg currently offer weekly meditation classes in Santa Barbara.

Please remember to:
Bring your own lunch. Tea will be provided.
Wear loose, comfortable, modest clothing.
You may want to supply your own meditation cushion and/or bench, but we have cushions (zafus & zabutons). Chairs will be provided. The floor is tile.
Do not wear scented lotions/perfumes or jangly items.

Dana: Dana is a Pali term for generosity.  This retreat has no registration fee and is offered on a donation basis.

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