Olive Branch Sangha
Practice Center
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Our home and practice center
were destroyed
in the wildfire of May 5, 2009
Please visit the
Open Door Sangha
as an alternative

For nostalgia's sake, the website is preserved here:

A meditation support group in Santa Barbara

COME SIT WITH US We invite you to sit with us at our home. We host what we call a meditation support group and also offer instruction in meditation. Our interests are not confined to the teachings of any one school, but most of us are learning from Buddhist teachers and are practicing vipassana (also known as mindfulness or insight meditation) in some form.

A "meditation support group" is comprised of people who want to develop their meditation practice and share their experience with others. We are helping each other make meditation a way of life. Gradually we learn how to be the present moment—to have continuous mindfulness & equanimity with respect to experience—which leads to insight into the nature of reality and purification of the attachment, aversion & confusion that is the cause of stress & suffering. This is a path of liberation, wisdom & compassion—a path to an awakening from a self-centered dream.

In addition to sitting meditation, "Mindfulness in daily living", a way of bringing meditation skills into every moment of the day, is a favorite theme. In this we have been greatly influenced by  Thich Nhat Hanh.

Beginning in 2007 we are offering some instruction at both the Wednesday and Sunday sits, but we still emphasize meditation practice. We want to help and encourage people to create deep practice. No amount of talk and teaching can substitute for silent sitting to apply the techniques and read the book of our own minds.

This is the the Olive Branch Sangha. You are invited to join us!

Greg & Judith Smith

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Mindfulness + Equanimity >> Insight + Purification


11/20/2005 — 07/16/2013